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Here’s How CBT Can Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Low confidence can play a big role in anxiety and depression. If we don’t believe in our abilities, we don’t take risks or take a half-hearted approach to complete tasks. It’s difficult to muster up enough energy and courage to try your best when you don’t believe that you have the ability to do so. This pattern of behavior can result in an underwhelming performance, which can further reinforce our low confidence.


Here are some signs of low self-confidence and ways that CBT can help tackle these issues:

1. You have a strong inner critic that prevents happiness

Everyone has an inner voice that either criticizes their mistakes or encourages them to achieve their goals. Sufferers of low self-esteem may feel like their inner critic is so strong that they cease to have a clear perspective of their reality.

Inner critics are developed in our childhoods, made up by our experiences with authority figures. Things like bullying or a highly critical teacher can change the way you view yourself and lead to low self-confidence.

CBT teaches individuals how to examine their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to understand how they contribute to their self-perception. Your therapist will help you identify negative thought patterns and teach evidence-based techniques to silence the inner critic.

2. You take things too personally

Negative events might feel like they were targeted specifically towards you, or anything that went wrong is your fault. This can negatively impact your personal relationships and your interactions in social settings. Jokes might serve as a reinforcement of any negative views that you may hold about yourself, causing you to view the jest as a reflection of yourself.

CBT teaches you to be more realistic instead of basing your reactions on your belief system. You can search for factual evidence that supports a new approach. Restructuring your thoughts can help you stop making assumptions about other people’s intentions.

3. You judge other people harshly

Judging others in a harsh manner can point towards a deeper issue of low self-esteem and an abundance of insecurities. Letting out your negative feelings by putting others can feel like a good method of relieving stress.

CBT forces us to recognize our own negative behavior and thoughts. Your therapist will help you discover limiting beliefs that you may hold about yourself while helping you develop newer, more rational beliefs.

Individuals undergoing CBT are also encouraged to practice mindfulness, allowing them to be present in the moment instead of getting caught up in a flurry of worries. It can help people be less hard on themselves and others.

If you think you can benefit from CBT to improve your self-confidence, Stem Wellness has highly experienced mental health therapists who are accredited CBT therapists. We’ll help you reach your wellness goals and be the best possible version of yourself. Our services include psychotherapy counseling using CBT and EFT, marriage or relationship counseling, individual therapy, and family therapy in New Jersey.

Contact us to find out more today!

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