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Toxic Friendship: 3 Signs And Tips

Are you friends with someone who often does or says things that upset you? It might be your childhood friend or a coworker who you felt that you could trust. This person might often cause tension in your circle of friends, and it’s hard to tell whether they need a little extra love or if they’re just being toxic.

Our love for our friends can often blind us to their faults and negative effects on our lives. It’s important to recognize when someone in your life is toxic in these three ways:

They make everything about them

Look out for that person who only ever comes to you in times of need. They might call you for hours to discuss their issues and are often unreachable when it’s your turn to lean on them for emotional support.

Friendship is a two-way street, and both people need to provide support to keep the relationship stable and healthy. Communicate your concerns about such a friend and hear them out before deciding whether or not you want this type of person in your life.

They don’t respect boundaries

The foundation of healthy friendships is built upon mutual respect. Some of your friends may ignore certain important boundaries and take advantage of you while you believe that it’s just a sign of their closeness. Your friend might pressure you to go out with them or borrow your things without permission.

They may consider themselves extremely close to you by having such great access to your time and belongings, but if it makes you feel disrespected and uncared for, it’s time to let them know.

They try to change you

The best of friendships are formed when two people acknowledge and celebrate the other’s differences. While it’s important to have common interests and qualities, a toxic friend might force you to change into something you’re not comfortable with.

They might ask you to dress, behave, or talk differently to make them happy or gain their approval, and while challenging your friends to toe the line of their comfort zone, it’s never okay to pressure someone to compromise their character. Make a stand and communicate your boundaries—if they’re unhappy about it, it’s best to leave the situation.

Get psychotherapy services in New Jersey

Dealing with a toxic friendship can leave you drained and lacking in trust regarding your other relationships. It’s important to talk to a mental health expert who can empathize with your pain and guide you through the process of building yourself up again.

Stem Wellness has some of the best mental health counselors who can use various methods such as CBT and EBT to help you become the best version of yourself and create healthy friendships. We also offer professional psychotherapy counseling, family therapy, and marriage or relationship counseling in New Jersey.

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