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4 Signs That Your Family Needs Counseling

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Family members often cross lines that they shouldn't, which creates a rift between families.

In such a case, it's ideal to consult a family therapist to resolve issues. More and more people are trusting family counseling and therapy services to improve communication with their families. There were 73,200 established family and marriage therapists in the US back in 2020.

Counselors recognize sources of conflict and offer practical solutions to families to improve their communication, provide them with self-regulation tips, and bring them closer again.

Here are signs that a family should seek counseling to resolve their conflicts.

Violence or Abuse

Verbal and physical abuse in the household is a sign that a family needs to seek counseling to resolve their conflicts.

Authoritative figures in the family who lash out at others have unresolved conflicts of their own, the effect of which pervades into their family system. However, abuse isn't always loud, and it can come in discrete forms, like being too controlling and insulting.

Discrete forms of abuse are harder to notice. Counseling helps families identify the line between healthy and unhealthy control and how to manage themselves better.

Family Trauma

Family trauma can come in the forms of a family member's death, a divorce, or the discovery of an extra-marital affair. Death can make some family members more distant or aggressive with one another.

The discovery of an extra-marital affair or a divorce between parents brings a rift between both parents and children. Most importantly, divorce has a negative psychological impact on children of all ages.

Therapy helps mitigate these effects and teaches family members how to cope with their losses and strengthen bonds with each other.

If One or More Family Members Have Mental Health Issues

Some family members might misunderstand mental illness, and this could lead to conflicts in the family.

People can choose to go for family therapy to learn more about mental illnesses and their associated behaviors. Most family members do this to better cater to each other's needs.

Bouts of Anger

Sometimes parents get angry at their children even when they're not at fault. The same goes for children feeling misdirected anger toward their parents.

Often, parents feel entitled to only positive emotions from their children. This is poor insight from the parent's perspective; they fail to recognize that their children are just as human as they are.

If a family gets emotionally charged each time it gets together, or some family members have to walk on eggshells around others, there's some issue that needs to be addressed.

Family counseling can improve relationships between family members in a healthy manner. At Stem Wellness, we have experienced mental health therapists to help you and your family come closer.

We also offer individual therapy, psychotherapy counseling, couples therapy, and family therapy services in New Jersey. Feel free to contact us any time you like, schedule an appointment, or ask any queries.

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