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4 Ways to Communicate More Effectively

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Whether you're talking to your significant other or with a bussiness partner, communication is essential in every sphere of life. There are numerous reasons a person can be poor at communicating with people; maybe they can't read the room or are just too nervous.

Social anxiety hampers communication in many ways. Social anxiety disorders affect 15 million adults in the US. People overthink every sentence they say and how the other person will perceive their words. They could stumble over their words and even fail to listen to the other person because they're focused on the thought of listening rather than the act.

Here are some ways to communicate more effectively.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is necessary to get your point across when talking to another person. It grabs the listener's attention and makes them focus on what you're saying. When you're the one listening to someone speak, eye contact reassures the other person that you're attentive.

Eye contact can even lower stress levels because eyes have oxytocin receptors that increase oxytocin levels in the body.

Eye contact benefits both parties; it shows that you're engaged in the conversation, whereas lack of eye contact shows embarrassment or a lack of flow in the conversation.

Allow the Other Person to Finish

Getting interrupted can be quite disheartening. There should always be a give and take in the conversation so both sides can convey their message effectively. It's okay if you accidentally interrupt someone, apologize and ask them to continue. Don't fret too much about what they'll think, and don't blame yourself for ruining the flow of the conversation.

Letting someone finish talking goes both ways. Some people keep talking and don't give the other person room to speak. In that case, you'll have to interrupt them politely.

You can do this by looking out for the transition relevance place. This is when the sentence naturally comes to a stop. You can either continue with the topic or change the topic of conversation.

Clarity in Your Message

There could be a lot you want to say to your friends or family, but it can be hard to get the message across. Body language and verbal signs should align with what you're trying to say.

People with a mental health illness or anxiety think up many things to say but cannot express them. The second party is unable to understand their point of view, which leads to conflict and confusion.

Relax and gather your thoughts; write them down if it helps. Then approach the person you wish to speak to. Don't dwell on the what-ifs, and try to do your best to convey your feelings.

Keeping Stress Under Control

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes we slip up. You can pause your thoughts, take a moment to breathe, and even let the person you're talking to know that you're overwhelmed to complete the conversation with them.

Do you think therapy can help you communicate more easily? Stem Wellness's experienced mental health therapists are here to help you bridge the gap between your and your loved ones.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment or if you have any queries.

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