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5 Signs You Should Visit a Mental Health Counselor

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Have you been struggling to maintain friendships and relationships? Have your grades been dropping because you can’t bring yourself to focus on studying?

These situations are something that millions of Americans deal with every day. With one out of every five adults in the country living with a mental illness, the issue is more common and severe than ever.


Getting professional help for your mental struggles isn’t a shameful thing. But how can you even tell when to see a mental health expert? Here are some signs to look out for.

1. You Feel Overwhelmed

It’s important to first identify whether you’re feeling overwhelmed due to stress or a mental issue like depression.

Being stressed about things like academic pressure and family issues is normal but being constantly worried, stressed or overwhelmed by seemingly menial tasks is an indicator of mental issues. Mental illnesses can make you feel like you always have something to do and never have the time to rest — resulting in you being overwhelmed all the time.

2. Your Sleep Patterns are Messed Up

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety can heavily mess with your sleeping habits.

Combined with other symptoms like being overwhelmed, fatigue and constant stress, mental issues can disrupt your sleep and cause you to either sleep too much or too little. If your sleeping habits have drastically changed recently, you should visit a therapist.

3. You’re Constantly Tired

When you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, it takes a toll on your physical health too. You start to feel drowsy, lazy and unenthusiastic about anything.

Many mental health experts agree that there is a link between fatigue and depression. If you’re sleeping longer than ever before, struggling to get out bed and generally feeling lethargic, you should consult a mental health counselor.

4. You’ve Socially Withdrawn

Being introverted in general isn’t really something to be concerned about. But feeling intense distasteful emotions when you’re around other people and never feeling the urge to socialize even with your closest friends is a telling sign that it might be more than just introversion.

If you’re feeling symptoms of agoraphobia i.e. intense anxiety around people, then it’s time to visit a counselor.

5. You’ve Turned to Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Many people who go through traumatic life events or generally struggle with an undiagnosed mental illness turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substance abuse and self-harm. If you find yourself engaging in unhealthy alcohol consumption, drugs or sex, then it’s a sign for you to visit a mental health expert.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced and licensed professional therapist in New Jersey, visit the Stem Wellness Institute.

We excel in providing therapy services such as individual psychotherapy counseling, marriage relationship counseling, family therapy and couples therapy. We use techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy and rehabilitation to help you recover.

Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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