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6 Misconceptions About Family Therapy

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Family means support, love, and protection for family members. Maintaining healthy relationships with your family reflects in other areas of life and helps improve mental health. However, conflicts are also natural in families, and the divorce rate is at a high. This can lead to a lot of stress which spills over to other facets of life.

Family dynamics can be complex, especially with family members from different perspectives, temperaments, sensitivities, etc. There are many reasons why family therapy is helpful for you.

This blog will discuss common misconceptions about family therapy.

Healthy Families Don’t Need Therapy

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t consider family therapy is because of the stigma attached to it. Though the stigma is slowly being worked out in the USA, more recent generations are utilizing the numerous benefits of therapy and understanding their vulnerability. However, not all family members understand this, and there is still stigma attached to therapy.

There is a perception that therapy is not what a normal family does. It’s seen as there’s something ‘defective’ and something unfixable. When family therapy can help with loss, financial troubles, substance abuse, communication problems, etc.

Family Therapy Means You Failed

People still tend to think of therapy as a last resort and admit that they failed as a parent/child/guardian, etc. When therapy helps families overcome challenges before they can escalate and cause serious rifts. Even if there are serious rifts, family therapy can help rebuild them.

Family Therapy Is a Way to Blame Parents

Most families attend or consider family therapy because their children are struggling in school or misbehaving. Parents think that therapy will be used to blame parents for the misdemeanor or troubles of their child. Most parents find it uncomfortable.

However, therapy always comes from a place of non-judgmental understanding, and a therapist will work collaboratively with the parents to identify patterns and help offer solutions.

The Entire Family Must Attend Sessions

A big misconception is that the entire family must be present in the room. They imagine themselves sitting on a couch while the session continues. It can feel uncomfortable to talk about the issues with everyone present. That’s not true at all; a lot of family therapy sessions happen one-on-one to generate more candid and open dialogue. Therapy must happen in a safe zone, and since most of these family therapy sessions are because of heavy reasons such as substance abuse or infidelity, one-on-one sessions are more comfortable and fruitful.

Family issues can be solved with the right family therapists. The certified therapists at Stem Wellness Institute have the expertise to help you manage your domestic issues, understand patterns, open communication, and understand each other from a place of vulnerability.

Our professional marriage counselors and family therapists help start a heart-to-heart talk and offer different perspectives while offering solutions that’ll help in the long run. Our top mental health expert, Dr. Stempel, is a certified EFT therapist and the clinical supervisor of New Jersey.

Visit our website.

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