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What Is Family Therapy & How Does It Work?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The pandemic has been harsh on people all around the globe on many fronts. Personal struggles, educational issues, layoffs and unstable income streams and loss of loved ones — all these things have led to an increase in depression and anxiety cases in the US.


When you’re stuck between the four walls of your home with only your family members to interact with, things can get intense. Negative energies can clash and frustrations can be taken out on undeserving loved ones. That’s why family therapists play a very important role. But what exactly is family therapy? Let’s discuss.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of counseling that is conducted in groups of struggling family members with a licensed counselor. The purpose of family therapy is to use psychotherapy techniques that can help family members resolve tensions and conflicts. The ultimate aim is to improve the struggling family dynamics.

In order for a mental health professional to offer family therapy sessions, they need to be licensed and trained. There are even relational family counseling trainings that professionals can take in order to properly conduct the therapy sessions.

How Can It Help?

Family therapy extends to all sorts of family issues that can occur. Some are outside the therapist’s control but family therapy can help with issues that can be resolved through guidance, change of mindset and regaining control. Some common issues that land people into family therapy that the practice can actually help with are as follows.

· Conflicts between family members

· A member’s addiction or behavior

· Behavior problems in children

· Infidelity and lack of love between spouses

· Shared family trauma

· Custody and parenting issues

· Issues between siblings, etc.

How Does It Work?

Generally, family therapy sessions involve the whole group that wishes to take the session in a room along with a singular therapist. The therapist hears every member air out their grievances with the other members. The therapist will ask questions about each person’s concerns so everyone else in the room can gain more insight, too.

After hearing everyone out, the therapist will start coming up with techniques that can help the family resolve its unique issues. He/she will create a plan that addresses everyone’s concerns without putting the blame on other members. This way, he/she will attempt to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

It takes 15 to 20 sessions on average for the family members to start recovering from their issues and improving their dynamics.

Where to Find a Family Therapist in NJ

If you’re looking to find a professional and trustworthy family therapist in New Jersey, pay a visit to the Stem Wellness Institute.

We are located in Palisades Park and offer a range of therapy services in NJ like family therapy, couples therapy and individual therapy. We are licensed, certified and highly experienced since we have been in practice since 2015.

You can contact us if you’d like further information.

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